Gobeyond, investment projects supported by impact developments.

We facilitate investment with high technological innovation to offer you the best opportunities.



Gobeyond is a company with loyalty, trust, security and social responsibility, values that we transmit to our clients and collaborators.

For our investment projects we have applied technological innovation, since we are sure that this opens the door to new global investment opportunities.

We innovate to offer our clients the most complete options in the market.

“Our DNA is to carry out projects that create value and improve the environment. 360º projects with a high focus on sustainability”




Gobeyond was born in 2003 focusing on real estate development, mainly in luxury homes, subdivisions and large brand retail stores throughout Europe.

Collaborations in multi-million dollar projects such as “La Finca” in Madrid, and with major retail brands such as Armani, Hugo Boss, Hermes, Chanel and Louis Vuitton, these projects marked the style, work capacity and dynamism of the group.

In these projects and thanks to the collaboration of the best architects in the world, such as Norman Foster, the team developed the creative capacity and the level of excellence that characterizes us.


Real State development

We arrived in Mexico in 2015 and the group took a new direction in its role as a developer, through disruptive projects such as: Arthouse and BOHO located in Tulum, we began to generate trends that create and impact markets.

2020 –

Specialists in investment projects

Currently, we have become expert creators of investment projects, supported by technological innovation, we have generated value both for our investors and for the places where we create our developments.

At Gobeyond, we work every day to offer you the best investment projects, we are creating a community of intelligent investors with ideals, goals and a great vision.

Our commitment is to provide real, stable and highly profitable investment opportunities for anyone who wants to diversify their assets.